Sai Swasthya Scope of Services

Antenatal Care

Health Support for Expecting Mothers

i. Doctor Consultation

ii. Essential Supplements (Iron,Folic Acid,Calcium)

iii. Nutritional Suppliment (Protein Powder)

iv. Investigations (Blood Tests) If notdone prior

Child Healthcare

Child Health Screening in alignment with DCHP

i. Doctor Consultation

ii. Paediatric Cardiac Screening with Cardiac Stethoscope

iii. Opthal Screening & Spectacles for Refractive Error

iv. Dental Screening

v. Referral Management (Referral Surgeries Through Tertiary Linkages)

vi. Health Education and Awareness

Investigative Support and Cataract Screening

i. Investigation (Blood Tests) For Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus Type -II

ii. Cataract Screening

iii. Referral Management (Cataract Surgeries)

iv. Post-Operation Spectacles


Screening and Management for Hypertension and Diabetes

i. Doctor Consultation

ii. Monthly monitoring and care continuum

iii. Referral Management (Referral Surgeries Through Tertiary Linkages)

iv. Health Education and Awareness