Health Education & Advocacy

Community Awareness

The True success of a public health program lies with the participation of the community in being involved in planning, managing & implementing. Aarogya Vahini in its efforts towards health promotion in rural communities’ health has a dedicated protocol to make community awareness exhibiting IEC materials to spread knowledge on the preventive measures on life style management on Primary health issues.

Capacity Building

The key activity of the program lies in the different training programs that the Trust undertakes both for the healthcare workers of the Aarogya Vahini Team as well as the Community Health Workers.

The exercise is of utmost importance in delivering quality healthcare as per clinical protocols and proper utility of sophisticated equipments in the rural sites. Sessions of paramedical and support team along with the community health workers helps in deeper penetration in the rural doors as well as consistent monitoring with local volunteers in the rural population particularly for the chronic patients. Health Education promotes probability of employment of rural youths and in formation of self help groups.

Clinical Advocacy for Health Workers

The trust organizes for CMEs and seminar on pertinent health topics for Doctors , Health workers on its work and findings , in exploring new methods and policies to make the Mobile Health Program as a Robust Model with more inputs and guidance from eminent Health care professionals and also in addressing the need to collaborate together in plugging the gaps in the entire healthcare delivery system for the underserved areas.

Training on Innovative Cost effective Health Appliances

One of the best features of this program has been to explore innovative tools and technology in rural healthcare delivery. The chief objectives for usage of such appliances has been to

  • Bringing high end health facilities at rural doorsteps.
  • Curbing the Turn around time for diagnosis for rural patients.
  • To facilitate referrals networks for surgical interventions.

Few dedicated appliances which have been extensively used during the program are as follows :

Cardiac Stethoscope form HD Medical USA : an intelligent stethoscope with an integrated EKG, which delivers accurate and instant cardiac insights. HD Steth leverages its patented noise cancellation and smart amplification for high fidelity auscultation. HD Steth enables real-time visualization of cardiac waveforms on a mobile app. Patient data can be saved and shared with a specialist via the cloud platform for remote diagnosis and second opinion.

Mobile Pathology from Accuster Technologies : Mobile Lab is a Compact Portable Clinical Laboratory with an open system in a suitcase having Power Back- Up of 4 hours extendable to 24 hours. This lab is very rugged and maintenance free as all components have their proper and predefined place. It can easily work at any temperature from 0-50C with a capacity of performing 36 tests on field at rural sites.

Nethra Digital Opthal Appliance from Forus Healthcare : The 3nethra classic is a digital non-mydriatic fundus camera, equipped with an efficient workflow to capture high-resolution images of the human eye through a quick focus mechanism that reduces the examination time. The compact design enhances mobility and easy deployment. The ergonomic control panel allows it to be used by even a minimally trained person. 3nethra classic assists clinicians in the evaluation, diagnosis, and documentation of visual health.

Strip HbA1C Appliance: Strips are used for a testing of quantitative determination of glycated hemoglobin(HBA1c) in human whole blood. It is used to monitor metabolic control in diabetic patients. it helps in diagnosis of the diabetes or pre-diabetes in adults.

Portable Dental Chair: A light weight chair, recommended for mobile dentistry. Portable dental chair comes with semi-electric functionality along with detachable Air compressor , suction unit , air rotor hand piece and ultrasonic scalar.