Disaster Relief & Rehabilation

Relief & Rehabilitation Management – An active responsive participation and supportive action towards natural calamities and pandemic outbreaks has always been on the charter of the Trusts agenda. 

Covid 19 Relief Support : Doctors, Paramedics & Frontline workers serving in hospitals, during the COVID-19 outbreak, having inadequate access to Personal Protection kits and N95 masks are being supported with an initiative to strengthen the healthcare system and communities in its preventive measures.

In addition with the lockdown and limited access for essential commodities and food , support are being addressed to the incessant requests from the villagers and local governing bodies for Food , Medicines , Hygiene Kits particularly the nodal points where the Trust works with the people throughout the year.

Flood victims of Moregaon, Assam : Hamlets of villagers engulfed by the rivers of Assam & were affected from the landslides ,who took shelter under the roof of a temple were offered with relief materials with beddings , kitchen items , stationaries , food supplies and medical aid. Almost 2000 beneficiaries were supported with the initiative in 2019.

Cyclone Victims of Penthakata, Orissa : Fisherman families affected by the Orissa cyclone rampage were supported with relief materials which included grocery and daily necessities, women hygiene kit and baby food.

Rehabilitative homes at West Bengal : with newly constructed homes The destitute habitats marooned in the isolated islands of Sundarbans , in the little hamlets which are usually washed away by ruthless and devastating floods are being supported by concrete houses which are being constructed and facilitated by the Trust.

Supply of Pure Drinking Water To Villages in South 24 Parganas , West Bengal Water the Elixir of life ! During Summers in different districts where there is acute shortage of drinking water , the Trust every year takes initiatives to facilitate supply of pure drinking water as a continued every day support as a month long program covering maximum households with a blockwise approach. Almost 5000 lts of water has been supplied everyday to the rural communities.

Mobile Drinking Water Supply in Summers : The Mobile team is engaged in reaching out to Patients , their Attendants in Govt Hopsitals , to Pedestrians and Traffic Police with cool packaged drinking waters across the streets of Kolkata and sub urbs. Almost 1000 beneficiaries are touched on a daily basis during summers.

Yearly programs in supporting blankets and bed rolls for pedestrians during winter : A unique program carried out every 25th December by the trust is offering warm blankets and home made cakes to the homeless starting exactly at midnight as a gesture of celebrations Christmas with all as Messengers of Love !

Sanitation Programs : As a preventive measure during the spread of Parasitic diseases , the trust extends its support to the affected areas in Mass Sanitation Programs with awareness on Preventive Health aspects.

Rehabilitative Support : The Trust with Monthly support of medicines & ration extends its touch geriatrics without kith & kin to support.

Mass Community Poor Feeding : At times of natural calamites and poor harvests during the year, the trusts takes up one time activities in community feedings.