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Master Tamojit Sardar
Surgical Interventions For Hernia Parents of Master Tamojit

Such profound benevolence in human beings was witnessed for the first time in my life! I am truly grateful to the Sathya Sai Aarogya Vahini fraternity! Lives touched by you are elevated in the spirits of serving the soil.

Our Expertise
Dr Nazrin Banu
Clinical Coordinator, Sri Sathya Sai Aarogya Vahini

"Our most intense joy comes not from personal feats, but by serving others" - a beautiful realization that dawned upon me after joining Aarogya Vahini . The quest to reach out to every rural doorstep with primary preventive healthcare is a robust idea to overcome the ever increasing health issues of our society and I am humbled to have the opportunity to be a part of this mission. Thank you Aarogya Vahini Trust.

Dipanwita Mukherjee
Organisation Development – Operations

Being a member of this beautiful team with our continuous effort that each person who comes here as a beneficiary will not only heal their wounds but also their hearts with selfless love. My prior association was with corporate hospitals which made me witness of how rural patients are unaware of their health issues & their consequences. Here the entire effort is about educating one self how to lead a good & healthy life involving Professionals & Doctors with early detection, surgical intervention & lifestyle management. A smile of a mother who would have lost her child, a smile of a daughter who would have lost her father, inspires me and our team to reach the last mile and touch the last person ! As Baba says, “Plant the seeds of Love in your hearts. Let them grow into trees of Service and shower the sweet fruit of Ananda. Share the Ananda with all”.

Dr Deepa Pal

I joined Sathya Sai Arogya Vahini in July 2019, introduced to this organisation by a close doctor friend of mine. I have been inspired by the care shown by my colleagues while dealing with patients. I have had the chance to view rural India, their plights and problems, first hand, and the urge to help my under-privileged countrymen has heightened. It has been a boon and a blessing to be included in this concern.

Dr B K Pandey
On-ground Medical Officer

I remember the tremendous respect I received in a rural health camp. A chronic patient who has Diabetes and Hypertension still stays away from medication. What I learnt was how really deprived our rural people are. It taught me to be empathetic and it made me realise that in our country, preventive medicine is the best way to tackle the numerous health issues with our restricted resources. Much more can be managed with lifestyle modification. Congenital heart disease is still a big challenge in rural areas & members of our team are continuously in the process to address these little hearts with utmost love & care.

Dr Kakoli Majumder

Previously I was working with Indian Cancer Society in Kolkata in rural areas for cancer detection. Then I joined Aarogya Vahini and have been here for the last two years. I feel the most important aspect of these health check ups is creating awareness about the signs and symptoms of various diseases so that diseases can be detected early. By conducting Cervical and breast cancer screening, we can create awareness amongst the rural populace , as they are not aware of the severity of the diseases.

Volunteer Testimonial
Ms. Sudeshna Dutta

Volunteer, Teacher

I am yet to come across another group of such determined, motivated and diligent individuals whose collective aim is to strive for the betterment of society through social and medical help and reform. Their effort to ameliorate the plight of island dwellers in the Sunderbans during the super cyclone is truly praiseworthy, particularly because of the Coronavirus circumstances. What must be mentioned in closing is their indomitable spirit and strength of character with which they overcome their obstacles and the goodness of heart which makes them kindred to all humanity.

Riya Karmakar

Volunteer, Teacher by Profession

It gives me immense joy to conduct Balvikas classes and programs. It satisfies my soul to serve the needy, experiencing a gradual transformation in my own self after every service activity I am involved in.

My heartfelt gratitude to my Divine Master for giving me this opportunity to be an instrument in this glorious mission!

Somenath Mukherjee


Aarogya Vahini is not just an institution but a temple to me !

The association is with Saintly individuals who all have dedicated their lives for the soil they were born on ! The unconditional love ushered through selfless service has given boundless joy to thousands of mothers across the nation . May our Divine Mother bless all to continue embark on this journey of love all serve all.

Romi Saha

Volunteer, Home-maker

Being a volunteer in Aarogya Vahini medical camps, conducting Bal Vikas classes, or cooking for breakfast seva have always taught me something new from the services we undertake and as well from the beneficiaries themselves !It is difficult to ascertain who is the beneficiary and who is the benefactor !

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate for this rare opportunity to be part of this majestic Mission.

The satisfaction, peace, and bliss that I experience at the end of a day, is unfathomable!

Teachers Corner
Sri Nimai Mali
Teacher In Charge,Chunakhali Hatkhola Aboitanik Bidyapith

‘What you have done for the rural people of Chunakhali, no praise is enough, with all officials and medical stuff who tried their level best and gave their cordial service to our people without any hesitation taking a great risk of their lives amidst COVID period.’’

I would like to wish special thanks & gratitude to all of you for your cordial efforts and helping hands.

The patients who got free treatment they are always waiting for you and often ask me about the next schedule of the Camps. It's a great feeling for an organiser. Simply your team has made a great impression among the people of our entire area, specially the tribal community.

Our M.L.A, Jayanta Naskar is also very pleased for your Nobel mission and he has already declared to use his Nursing Home for your team.

Above all you have won every mind & heart of our people.

Lots of best wishes and genuine gratitude to all of you.